updated 1/14/2019
Care Instructions
 As one retailer said, “If they pick one up, they buy it”.
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Stirsby Facts

    Stirsby is pronounced  “STIRS-bee”. My daughter, who was 5 at the time, thought up the name. It is a registered trademark.

A Stirsby is used primarily to stir with - sauces, stir-frys, soups, risottos. Most use it the way they use a wooden spoon, but now prefer the more comfortable Stirsby.

 The finish is food-safe Mahoney Utility Finish Oil, a walnut oil used on wooden salad bowls. It can be renewed with any mineral oil or butcher block oil if you so desire.

I make each Stirsby individually. No two are exactly alike. They are made from non-first-growth hardwoods and scrap wood from a fine furniture shop.

 Each Stirsby comes with a label identifying the species of wood used from working end to the handle’s tip. The label also has space for the price and my email address. On the back, there’s a fanciful “history”of the Stirsby.
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